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Brand Camp is an immersive brand development experience designed to help growing companies create a vividly clear understanding of what their brand truly is.  And to determine how they are going to express it.

This 2-3 day course was uniquely developed by AWOLSCOUT Consulting and is custom tailored for the brand client and the market segment they compete in.  

The course leads key stakeholders of the brand through 9 common modules of interactive learning:

The Brand                           The Message
- Brand Audit                        - Voice / Visual Identity
- Brand Benchmarking        - The Creative Process
- Brand Heritage                  - Marketing Philosophy
- Brand Positioning              - Marketing Levers
                                              - Operating in a Campaign Environment

Brand Camp then culminates in the drafting of a 2-year Marketing Plan that the brand client can then execute completely on their own or by leveraging outside resources.

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Our recent journey with Ryan through Brand Camp was well worth the effort. It gave us a good insight into how to manage and execute a more holistic method of branding, marketing, and sales. We learned to better use our time and treasure to expand our sales.
— Karl Lewis, President - LMT Defense